TFE Hotels

Cross-sells effectively on 50+ properties

Headquartered in Sydney, TFE Hotels is an Australian-based hotel company, created as part of a joint venture between Australia’s TOGA Hotels and Singapore’s Far East Orchard Limited.

TFE Hotels has been internationally expanding to offer seven distinct brands that cater to a range of travellers, spanning from Australia and New Zealand, all the way up through Europe and Southeast Asia into Japan.

Journey makers looking for their perfect stay have plenty of choices amongst A by Adina; Adina Apartment Hotels; Vibe; Travelodge: Rendezvous; Quincy or Collection By TFE Hotels.

Representing over 10,000 rooms, TFE Hotels hosts approximately 2.5 million guests and provides function space, AV and catering to more than 500 meetings and events each year.


Prior to using iVvy, TFE Hotels were finding it difficult to rely on one source of truth for operational performance, both at a local and national level. Obtaining an accurate overview presented numerous problems – from inconsistencies to using venue management software that made operations difficult for both clients and staff alike.

Using alternative venue management software, TFE Hotel’s quote creations were time-consuming, as was the conversion process, impacting response times and resulting in a less-than-efficient overall booking process. Combined with inaccurate reporting, the business was struggling to measure success and adjust operations accordingly.

TFE Hotels was seeking a venue management software solution that could enable them to revolutionise venue management processes from end to end, assist all team members in an efficient and effective manner, and contribute to a seamless customer experience.

iVvy Solution

Since 2012, iVvy has been TFE’s trusted partner in providing a comprehensive booking engine and venue management software solution to keep their diverse portfolio of properties connected. TFE Hotels are now able to display up-to-date information about function space and group accommodation on their own website, as well as through partnering sites for maximum exposure.

Now with one unified source for all operational metrics, TFE Hotels have seen remarkable improvements, from accelerated response times and greater efficiency to powerful reporting tools that provide invaluable data-driven insights.

Standardised processes like quoting, contracting and invoicing are now quicker and easier than ever before – not only benefiting customer service but making it simpler for TFE Hotels to manage single-venue and national operations.

TFE Hotels have gained a competitive edge in the hospitality industry thanks to iVvy venue management software. This innovative tool has enabled them to effectively cross-sell their properties by exhibiting all of their versatile spaces, from conference rooms to restaurants and bars; allowing clients an insight into every service they can provide.


TFE Hotels have integrated iVvy across 50+ hotels worldwide with a team of approximately 230 users.

Since 2012, iVvy’s partnership with TFE Hotels has delivered:

  • Streamlined proposal and contract templates across multiple hotels and brands.
  • Greater marketing promotion of special offers and packages
  • Boosted personalised communication with re-targeting abilities
  • Efficient database management, with a full view of all customer interactions
  • A better understanding of business performance with detailed reporting, including enquiry lead time, length of conversion, booking patterns, marketing campaigns, and forecasting

“iVvy is a market leader in venue and event management software. The software is constantly innovating and upgrading, keeping up with changes in market and trends. We’ve had outstanding support given to our teams. It’s a solid system and makes our team’s lives easier and more efficient”

It’s great knowing what’s on the books today and what the future holds for TFE

  • Live Availability
  • Instant Booking Rules Engine
  • Full White Label Direct Booking Engine
  • Third Party Distribution