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The Pontchartrain Hotel
  • 106
  • 200
  • 1

The Pontchartrain Hotel

Slip effortlessly into the glamour of New Orleans in the 1930s at Pontchartrain. Re-emerging as a quintessential neighborhood establishment located on St. Charles Avenue in the famed Garden...

Surety Hotel
  • 137
  • 300
  • 3

Surety Hotel

Surety Hotel is a brilliant adaptive reuse of the historic Hippee building, built for The Iowa Loan & Trust Company in 1913. The hotel is aptly named after a surety bond, the promise of an...

Hotel Haya
  • 178
  • 500
  • 5

Hotel Haya

Hotel Haya embodies everything special about Ybor City: exuberant Cuban, Italian, and Spanish influences. On a downtown street teeming with history, the project fuses two historic buildings with...

Clayton Members Club and Hotel
  • 63
  • 250
  • 4

Clayton Members Club and Hotel

Clayton Members Club & Hotel is a 63-room boutique hotel, providing stylish, well-appointed rooms with touches of Denver-inspired, mid-century décor, approximately 4,000 square feet of...