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Setting up your iVvy account with One Saas.

Ivvy has joined up with OneSaas in an endeavour to make life easier and more efficient for our clients by allowing you the ability to connect your iVvy account to another program. This allows the easy synchronization of data to and from your respective accounts as necessary.
A few examples could be:

  • Transferring your financial event data to MYOB AccountRight Live from iVvy
  • Transferring your existing mail chip contacts into your iVvy account or vice versa.
  • Or Both if you so wish

To find out what systems that you can integrate with OneSaas and iVvy, you can click here for more information.

To sign up for OneSaas:
You will need to go through the registration process with OneSaas and select the relevant plan.
To sign up: https://auth.app.onesaas.com/signin/register You will be provided with a login URL and username, record the password that you have been given.

Once you have signed up for the necessary accounts, then you can start adding connections (programs) to sync your data between.

  1. Login to the OneSaas URL that you were provided when you registered.
  2. You will be prompted to make your first connection.
  3. Click on iVvy.
  4. Insert your iVvy Credentials. The account name is your iVvy domain name, if you are unsure of what your domain name is, when you log into ivvy refer to the URL and it will be https://wired.ivvy.com/a/testAccount/ the word between the brackets positioned after the /a/,
  5. Insert your username and password.
  6. Nominate your time zones to sync data and click connect.
  7. Click “Add Connection” again to add another connection.
  8. Select the desired software that you wish to sync with iVvy.
  9. You will be prompted for your logins for that software, fill in the details and save.
  10. Once you have added in your connections, it is time to configure the settings. On the left hand side of the menu, click on “Connections”.
  11. Click on the “Configure” button for iVvy.
  12. You will be provided with a list of options to sync your data between your programs. These may be different based on how many connections that you have and what you are using, so it is almost impossible to list the options here. The descriptions are pretty straight forward, however if you are unsure of what any mean, you can contact OneSaas support for assistance.
  13. Repeat the process by configuring your other connections.
  14. Once all configurations are completed, you will be prompted to set the Sync times of your data. How often, what time etc.
  15. Save the times and click “Synchronize” to start the transfer of data between your programs.
  16. If at any time you wish to sync the data manually, you can log in and click “Trigger manual sync” on the OneSaas dashboard.

For information on the other connections that you can add into your onesaas account, please refer to the OneSaas Integration Guide

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