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Adding Payment Gateways To Your Event

Once you have added payment gateways to your account, you can then assign them to your event. If you haven’t added payment gateways to your account yet, select from the following articles for the relevant information:

To add your payment gateway to your event:

  1. Navigate to: Event Setup > Event Settings > Payment Gateways Tab
  2. Click “Add Gateway”
  3. Click “Existing Gateway”
  4. Select the correct gateway for this event.

You can add more than one gateway to your event. If you want both credit card payments and direct deposits, then you can add an online and offline gateway to your event.

Additionally, there is the option that if you wish to split payments into separate bank accounts for exhibitors and delegates, you can also do so, so you may end up with three, or four gateways depending on your situation if you want offline payments for separate accounts for exhibitors and delegates also.

To assign payment gateways to delegates or exhibitors only.
Tick (don’t edit) the gateway that you have just added to your event (refer above)
Click “Assign To” and select delegate or exhibitor.

Please note: If you have delegate and exhibitor registrations but only have a gateway assigned to delegates, exhibitors will have no way to pay and the payment process will be skipped, so make sure that you assign your gateways correctly. 


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