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Applying Commissions To A Booking or Quote

Once you have added your agents to the system, then you are able to apply commission to bookings (or quotes for once they are converted to a booking) to start recording what amounts agents should be receiving for referring you business. For more information on adding agents you can view this article: Adding agents to receive commissions.

By default if you make a booking commissionable, all individual items on the booking such as food and beverage, audio visual, room hire and accommodation will also become commissionable. However, each of these items can be individually itemised to be included in commissionable amounts or not.

When setting the booking to commissionable, when you select an agent their default amounts as agreed on will automatically load for each of the cost centres, Room hire, food and beverage, audio visual and Accommodation.

If for any reason the agent is not to get the negotiated price for a cost centre you can adjust it to $0. However, if there is a particular item that is not commissionable such as a particular menu, but the rest of the food items are, then you can leave the amount for the food cost centre as negotiated with the agent, and then go and amend “that” menu to be non commissionable so that the rest of the food items on other menus for the booking are still commissionable.

To make a booking commissionable:

  1. Navigate to the relevant booking or quote
  2. Edit the booking
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Select “Booking Commissionable” to “Yes.
  5. Is commission paid: Once you have paid commission you come and change this to yes, so you can track what you have owing and paid on commissionable bookings. 
  6. Select the “Agent” and set the commissionable price or percentages for each of your cost centres.
  7. “Return to this booking” and save.

To remove an item from being commissionable:

  1. Navigate to the sessions tab
  2. Edit the relevant session
  3. Click on the relevant tab such as “resources”, “food and beverage” or “products”.
  4. Edit the item in question, and where it says “Is Commissionable” select no.
  5. That particular item will be excluded from commissionable pricing.

Note: “Is Commissionable” will only appear if the setting “Cost Included in Package Price” is set to “No” and you are charging a fee for these items. If it does not appear, you may find that you need to navigate back to your booking and make the booking commissionable as mentioned above.

When you have a commissionable booking, you can see what amounts are allocated for commission on the summary tab of the booking. 

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