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Adding agents to receive commissions

If you have agents that refer business to you on a commission referral basis, then you can add and track them in the iVvy system and link them to their referred bookings.

An agent can be set up with default percentages that have been negotiated with them that will auto populate when you put them as a referrer on the booking, however if for any reason you need to, you can override them at any given time.

To add a referral agent into iVvy:

  1. Navigate to: Contacts > Companies
  2. Edit a company that is providing the referrals (or add a new one if necessary. If you are unsure of how to add a company you can find more information on Creating and Managing Companies
  3. Scroll down to the last option and set “Agent Commission” to “Yes”
  4. Set the default commission amounts that you have agreed upon with the agent. (These can be overridden in the booking if you have to negotiate a figure change.
  5. Click save. 

You will notice when you view your companies, the ones that are approved agents will have an orange tag against their name. If you wish to filter to just view companies that are agents, then you can do so by using the filter screen, and selecting “Is Agent” is yes.


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