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Adding Custom Fields to a HTML Template

You can add and remove fields in your HTML Document that will pull from the data within your booking or venue. 

To insert a custom field into your Template

  1. Edit the template / Or create a new template if necessary
  2. Once you are working on the template, there will be a button that signifies the insert option button. This will allow you to insert the option.

    You will need to click the cursor where you want to insert the field before clicking on the button and then selecting it. The fields available to you to add to a template are: 
    1. Standard Fields: (Standard fields are just a singular input into the document). The following merge fields are included:
      1. Current Date/Time
      2. Current Date
      3. Date of Issue
      4. Currency Symbol
      5. Event Name
      6. Reference Code
      7. Purchase Order Number
      8. Start Date
      9. Start Date Full
      10. Start Time of Booking
      11. End Date
      12. End Date Full
      13. End Time Of Booking
      14. Event Dates
      15. Event Dates Description
      16. Total Delegates
      17. Package Name
      18. Package Description
      19. Package Cost (Per Person)
      20. Total Package Cost
      21. Booked By
      22. Booked By Email Address
      23. Booked By Job Title
      24. Booked By Phone Number
      25. Contact/Company Name
      26. Venue Name
      27. Venue Description
      28. Venue Phone
      29. Venue Fax
      30. Venue Email
      31. Venue ABN
      32. Venue Website
      33. Venue Address Line 1
      34. Venue Address Line 2
      35. Venue Address City
      36. Event Dates
      37. Accommodation Room Nights
      38. Accommodation Start Date
      39. Accommodation End Date
      40. Accommodation Dates
      41. Event Number Days
      42. Deposit Amount
      43. Deposit Due Date
      44. Package Estimate
      45. Accommodation Total
      46. Space Hire Total
      47. Space Hire Package Total
      48. Catering Total
      49. Resource Total
      50. Product Total
      51. Event Total
      52. Total
    2. BLOCK Fields: (Block fields create a table of information based around the block at you are selecting). The following block fields are included
      1. Sessions
      2. Catering
      3. Resources
      4. Products
      5. Estimate Totals
      6. Invoices
      7. Package Inclusions
      8. Accommodation Days
      9. Estimated Budget Outline
      10. Payment Terms
      11. Room Descriptions
      12. Release Schedule
    3. BOOKING CONTACT FIELDS (Fields related to the contact of the booking. Contact custom fields, and extra contacts drop downs will appear as you add contact types (e.g. bride) to your venue)
      1. Main Contact Organisation
      2. Main Contact Organisation Address
      3. Main Contact Organisation Address Multiple Lines
      4. Main Contact Full Name
      5. Main Contact First Name
      6. Main Contact Last Name
      7. Main Contact Email
      8. Main Contact Fax
    4. Template FIelds (The template field allows you to separate your data by adding in a page break.
      1. Page Break. 
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