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Creating an Accommodation Room Release Schedule

An Accommodation Room Release Schedule allows you to set the release terms for accommodation room blocks if the original allocations are not met.

To add in a release schedule:

  1. Navigate to Venue Setup > Accommodation > Release Schedule
  2. Select Add Schedule.
  3. Enter a Name for the schedule such as Standard Conference Release Schedule.
  4. Select whether the Release Schedule is Viewable on the marketplace. 
  5. Click on the Terms tab. This will save the release schedule.
  6. Select Add Term.
  7. Enter the Number of Days from the event that this release refers to such as 30.
  8. Specify the Term Type, By Number or By Percentage
  9. Add in the necessary number based on your selection such as at 30 days until the event, 100% of rooms should be released.

  10. Press Save.
  11. Repeat until you have added all of your Release Schedule Terms such as 90 days, 60 days and 30 days.
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