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Using the Report Builder

The report builder is a tool that allows you to make your own report if one of the standard reports do not suit your situation. You can also create a report that displays data across multiple venues too if you wish. There are different report types that you can create, a bookings report, a leads report and a tasks report.

To user the report builder you need to firstly set up a group of venues to report across. If you only have one venue, then you will need to Setting up a Venue Group for the Report Builderwith just that one venue in it.

Bookings Reports

When creating a booking report you can select from the general booking fields, which are mostly all of the fields you fill in when creating the booking. You can also select the contacts standard information such as name and contact details, and their company fields to output as well.

Leads Reports

A leads report allows you to generate and export information on all the lead general fields, basically most of the fields that you filled in when you created the lead. It also allows you to select source information, the leads contact information, their company information, and the details of where the lead was referred from.

Tasks Reports

Tasks reports allows you to generate and export information on a group of venues for all the relevant fields for your user tasks. This includes venue information, priority information, user details information and lead details associated with the task if relevant.

Accommodation Reports

Accommodation reports allow you go generate and export information on  group of venues for all the relevant fields for your accommodation. This includes the hotel name, room type and number of rooms booked, as well as the lead information. 

To create a report using the report builder

  1. Navigate to  Venues > Report Builder  and click "Add Report"

  2. Give the report a relevant name, select the type of report as per described above and select the venue group that you wish to apply your report to. Click "Save"
  3. Tick the relevant fields on the fields page that you want to have on your report and click "Next"
  4. If you wish to have one of the fields sorted, than you can drop and drag the order you wish your data to be sorted into on the "Sort Fields" page. Don't forget to click "Save Sort Order" Click "Next"
  5. If you want to have any filters, you can add them on the filters page by clicking "Add Filter". Select the field that you wish to filter by, and select the "Is" drop down and select which parameter you wish to filter by, and then a drop down will appear for you to fill in the relevant information. For example: Date is equal to: will report on all items on that particular date. Select "Save" and "Next". 
  6. The settings tab gives you additional access to
    1. Sort the report data
    2. Allow external access to reports, which can be password protected if you wish. 
    3. Rebuild the report every so many days.
      Please note: If you set the report to generate once a week, and log in and click on the link half way through the week, then the data will only be accurate as or the "Last Date" it build the report. If you wish to log in and see up to date data, you need to click on the build now button to rebuild the report to get the most up to date information. 
  7. Click "Save and Build Now". 
  8. At any given time you can "View" the report and access it in different formats, see the report history to download previous versions of the reports if ever necessary. 
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