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Paying Invoices

Invoices can be paid from two sections within your account. Either from the booking or quote within the venue. When you nominate to pay an invoice there are multiple payment options that need to be considered.

  1. Credit Card: If you have an online payment gateway you have the option to take the clients credit card number and input it into iVvy to process a payment.
  2. Other: This is the manual payment options a client can pay their invoice for, like direct deposit, cheque, cash, etc. You use an “Other” payment confirm when you have received a payment in one of these payment types.

Paying an invoice from within a booking or quote

  1. Navigate to Bookings > Bookings and edit the booking and go to the “Statements Tab”   or...
  2. Navigate to Quotes > Quotes and edit the quote and go to the “Statements Tab”
  3. To Pay and invoice, on the bottom of the table there is a “Pay Invoice” Button which allows you to mark off a payment against the invoice. There will be multiple payment options on the drop down based on the payment gateways and options setup for your account
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