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Generating an invoice within a booking or quote

Invoices don't get automatically created for Bookings, you need to create them to ensure that you are happy with what will be included before they are created.

  1. Navigate to Bookings > Bookings and edit a booking and Click on the Statement Tab. “Statement” Tab is a financial statement history for the booking. It will detail what is owing, what is paid, and display both the deposit invoice and the final invoice.
  2. To create a deposit invoice click “Add Invoice” and select payment terms and select the deposit drop down option. Please note: A deposit invoice cannot be created if payment terms for a deposit have not been previously set up. The option for a deposit invoice will not appear.
  3. If you have a down payment term set up, click “Add Invoice” and select the payment option from the drop down option.
  4. To create a final invoice, click “Add Invoice” and select “Final Invoice”. This will create an invoice subtracting any previous invoices amounts with a final balance of what is left to pay. 

You cannot create adhoc invoices until after the final invoice has been issued.


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