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How does a client get invoiced

Once all the information for the booking is added, the system will generate an estimated price for the booking or quote based on what has been added to it, e.g. packages, menus, beverages, additional items. Once an estimate has been established, you as the user gets to add in the final price that the client will pay. For instance if your prices are negotiable and you have a client who is negotiating a lower price, you can nominate the total price to be billed as lower than the systems estimated price.

Once the booking has been established and your total price decided upon, then you can start generating invoices. Based on the currency and tax rate that is selected in your Venue Setup, each line item on your invoice will have the appropriate amount of tax included in them. Throughout the system, there are “No Tax” boxes next to all of the pricing items, so if its necessary you can nominate if that individual item does not include tax for any specific reason. If you choose to remove tax from one item, the rest of the billing will still work based on your default tax settings in your venue setup.

You may end up with multiple invoices depending on your payment terms that you use for your booking. 

All the invoices you create for a booking, except for the final invoice will not include a breakdown of the inclusions for the Booking as the requirements may change over time. 

Clients can pay your invoices your payment gateway that you may have setup in the sytem, or by using the offline methods you can add to the offline gateway.

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