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Setting the Payment Terms for a Booking

“Payment Terms” are the terms for the client to pay off the invoice. Deposit, payment and final balance terms can be set in dollar amounts or percentage amounts for the booking. Once these payment terms are set, they will appear on both the deposit and final invoices.

To set payment terms for a booking;

  1. Navigate to Bookings > Bookings and edit the booking you are adding a payment term to
  2. Click the “Payment Terms” tab and click on the “Add Payment Term” button.

  3. You can select from a template of Payment Terms that you use regularly, or you can create a new one for this Booking.
  4. Multiple types can be added. so add one at a time. Select deposit, balance or payment, fill in the necessary fields and “Save”.
  5. Repeat the process for each payment term you wish to add.

Invoices will not automatically get created based on these terms, you will need to do this manually on the “Statement” tab. They are not automatically generated in case you need to make changes to the booking prior to their creation. You can however set the system to create a task to remind you to create the invoice at the point it is due.


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