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Adding a Session to a Booking or Quote

Sessions in iVvy define the Menu, AV & Theming, products and notes that are pertinent to a particular meeting space, at a particular time.

If you have selected a package, then default sessions will auto generate in the booking based on the default sessions loaded to the package. Once they have generated you can edit, delete or add new sessions to the booking based on the individuals requirements.

If using a package is not suitable for your booking or quote, or you wish to add additional sessions to the ones that were generated, you are able to add a session directly to a booking.

To add a session directly to a booking or quote:

  1. Navigate to the booking or quote
  2. Select the Sessions Tab
  3. Click Add Session
  4. Enter the Session Name such as Meeting
  5. Add a Contact either by typing in an existing contact or clicking on the blue Add if required
  6. Select the Space required
  7. Enter the Start and End time
  8. Select the Room Hire Rate Plan that applies
  9. Select the Price Type that applies such as Half Day or Full Day
  10. Confirm the Space Hire Price
  11. Confirm the required Cost Centre
  12. Specify if the session can be moved.
  13. Confirm the Total Attendees.
  14. Specify Go back to the Previous Page
  15. Press Save
  16. Edit the Session.
  17. Select the Food & Beverage Tab.
  18. Click on Add Menu.
  19. Edit the Name of the Menu as you wish for it to appear on the Estimated Budget Outline (Booking Summary Tab)
  20. Select the menu you wish to attach to the session
  21. Confirm the total number of attendees.
  22. Confirm the Start and End Time.
  23. Confirm if the cost is included in the package price.
  24. Return to the top of the window and click on Add Item.
  25. Add either the required Optional Menu Items or Other Menu Items
  26. Add the menu items that have been chosen by your client or if you wish them all to appear on the BEO, select them all.
  27. Press Save.
  28. Add any Resources or Products that the session may require.
  29. Add a Session Note if required.
  30. Add a Setup Requirement for the session if required.
  31. Press Save and you have completed adding a session directly to a booking or quote



Once you have performed these steps, you can then proceed to add the;

  • Food and Beverage Menus 
  • Resources (Av & Theming),
  • Products (Items that are not rented to the client, but you need to charge for),
  • Notes that can appear on the session's BEO
  • Setup Requirements for how the space will be setup for this particular session
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