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Adding a Hotel

Creating a hotel
If you wish to pre-organise hotel rooms to be available for your delegates, you can give them access to book them through the iVvy system.

Accommodation Billing
You can do billing for accommodation in a couple of different ways.
Billing for the rooms can come into your bank account to forward to the hotel, or you can take a deposit and get the attendee to pay the rest when they arrive, or you can take no payments and let the attendee organise it with the hotel directly.

Allocating Room Types
There are a couple of different ways you can manage rooms and capacities within iVvy.
Just a number: You can add a total number of rooms available such as 100, and then add in individual room types and it will deduct from that total number per night.
Specific rooms: You can add in rooms such as standard and deluxe, and set up a capacity for each room, such as 10 x standard, 5 x deluxe available.
Specific Rooms with Daily Rates: Specific Rooms with daily rates allows you to set different capacities on each day for your rooms, e.g. You may have 10 x standard rooms on monday, and 12 x standard rooms on tuesday.

Please note when allocating room types, the numbers are always available by day so it may seem that you have more bookings than rooms available. To explain:
An attendee may book Monday and Tuesday nights while another may book Wednesday and Thursday night. You have two bookings, but each of those rooms are only booked out for 1 night each so it only takes 1 out of your capacity of any of these given days. This gives you the ability to maximise on the rooms that you hire through iVvy.

To create a hotel

  1. Navigate to Event Setup > Hotels
  2. Click on “Add Hotel”. If you have previously used a hotel you can select it from the dropdown, otherwise select “Add New Hotel”.
  3. Please note if you use a previous hotel, you will need to go back in and load the rooms that you have available for this conference. As you may have different room types and capacities for each event, rooms will not be loaded with you use an existing hotel. You can select from existing rooms and re-add them to the hotel when you get to the rooms stage however and add in your capacities for this event.
  4. We are going to work on the “Adding a new hotel” for the purposes of this article. Give the hotel a name as you wish it to appear to the delegates
  5. Give the hotel a description, this is going to create a nice hotel profile that the delegates can see.
  6. Put in the address for the hotel
  7. Add in the contact information for the hotel
  8. If you have a image of the hotel (individual room images will be loaded when you add your rooms) you can insert it here.
  9. Add in the dates of arrival and departure you have organised with the hotel for this event.
  10. Nominate the room allocation (see descriptions above for more information)
  11. Select how you wish the attendees to pay for accommodation.
  12. Select if you wish to turn off hotel booking confirmations
  13. Select if you wish for the hotel to show up on the website when you insert your hotels page.
  14. Nominate a date that hotel bookings close for (this is handy for when you start confirming bookings with the hotel, so you don’t continue to get new ones after cut off date. You cannot delete a hotel or it affects your bookings).
  15. Click Save
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