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Using your own payment gateway in iVvy

There are two types of Payment Gateways;

  • Off-site Payment Gateway - An offsite gateway will redirect the user to the gateway providers website to take payment. With this method it is not always possible for iVvy to determine if a payment has been made successfully, and you may need to follow further instructions when setting up your gateway.
  • On-site Payment Gateway - With an on-site gateway, your payment is taken within the iVvy system, so the user does not leave your iVvy registration website. 


Payment Gateway

Method Contact
ANZ egate Onsite  
Buy Line Direct Onsite  
Camtech Onsite  
DocData Onsite  
eMatters Onsite  
eWay Onsite Aus: 1800 10 65 65
Mastercard VPC Onsite  
Merchant Warrior Fuse Offsite  
NAB Transact Onsite Aus: 1300 338 767
Paypal Offsite  
Payflow Pro Onsite Aus: 1800 729 725
Payment Express Offsite Aus: : 1800 006 254
NZ: 0800 729 636
Paystation Offsite  
Saferpay Offsite  
Securepay Onsite Aus: 1300 786 756
Stratapay Offsite Aus: 1300 135 610
Westpac Payway API Onsite  
Westpac PayWay Net Offsite  
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