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Managing your Personal Calendar

You are most likely using a third party application to manage your personal calendar at work, like Microsoft Outlook. The challenge with a calendar like this is that it is not connected to all the other information surrounding potential sales, like tasks, quotes, client details, etc…

With the iVvy calendar you can also view the calendars of others in your team, which means that if a member of the team is not available, someone else can easily see what meeting they have organised.

You can also feed this calendar into Outlook to make sure that you have only one source of the truth, and create events for other members in your team.

You can access the Calendar by navigating to Venues > Sales > Calendar.

To add a new item on your calendar;

  1. Navigate to Venues > Sales > Calendar,
  2. Click and drag a meeting time onto the time you want to meet, and
  3. Fill in the dialog box with the appropriate information..
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