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Creating & Managing Tasks

iVvy makes managing your task list easy with our tasking tool. You can create tasks for yourself and other team members, and in some cases even setup the system to automatically create tasks for you.

To access your task list, and create a new task, navigate to Venues > Sales > Tasks. In this screen you will see the list of existing tasks. By default you will be viewing your own tasks, but you can change the parameters in the search bar on the top right to see other team members tasks. If there is a view that you use regularly, you can save it by searching for what you want to see, and then clicking on “Save Search” in the search drop down.

To create a new task;

  1. Click on the “Add Task” button,
  2. You can attach this task to a lead if you are creating this task for a particular potential sale, or leave this field blank. Tasks added to leads will be visible when you are viewing all the details for a lead.
  3. Give the task a Name, and Due Date and time, and
  4. Set a Priority, and Status, and add the task description.

You can change the status of tasks by either editing the task, or on the task list by clicking on the “Update Status” button when you have selected a task.

By default once a task is set to completed, it will not be show on the task list, but you can search for these previously created tasks by searching for them using the search box in the top right hand side of the screen.

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