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Printing a Quote or Contract

Printing a quote or contract can be done two places. You have the ability to create them from within a quote, or from within a booking.

Printing contract and quote documents from a quote

Printing a Contract or Quote once you have completed the setup for a quote is easy if you have already setup your Quote and Contract templates. If you have not set them up, read the article on “Setting up your quote, Contract and BEO templates”.

  1. Navigate to the “Documents” tab within the Quote,
  2. Click on the “Create Quote” Or "Create Contract button (whichever is relevant).
  3. Select from the dialog the template you wish to use,
  4. On the following page you will be able to edit the document prior to it being printed. You will notice the document is made up of a header and footer - these are repeated at the top and bottom of every page. You can make any changes you need to direct in the “Content”. You can add images, links and format the text as you would in any text editor.
  5. Once you have made the changes you need to make, click on the “Generate PDF” button, to create your document.

You can download the document to then print or email to your client.


Printing contract and quote documents from a booking

  1. To create a quote within a booking: click on the “Create Quote” button, and select the appropriate template type that you wish to use. You will notice that you are able to make text amendments to the generated document after its created but before its converted to a PDF.
    1. Standard templates are the base designs that have been uploaded to the system by the iVvy staff.
    2. Custom templates are those that are have been amended by yourself with logos, preferred format etc.
  2. To create a contract within a booking click on the “Create Contract” button and select the appropriate template that you wish to use. As with the quotes, you can use a standard or custom template. 
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