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Converting a quote to a booking

Once a quote has been won then it can be converted to a booking. A quote can be easily converted and then a wizard will be run to finalise any information that may need to be added to the booking. To convert a quote to a booking:

  1. Navigate to Sales > Quotes and select the check box for the quote that has been won.
  2. Both at the bottom and top of the quotes table there is a button “Change Status”. When this button is selected you will be given three options, “Tentative”, “Confirmed” or “Cancelled”. 
    1. Selecting “Tentative” or “Confirmed” will remove the quote from the quotes tab and add it to the bookings tab.
    2. Selecting “Cancelled” with cancel the quote and move it to either the bookings tab under a cancelled status, or under the leads tab as a cancelled status. These will not be seen again unless you specifically search for them using the filters. 
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