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Adding AV & Theming items to a Session

In iVvy AV and Themeing items are grouped under the tab called “Resources” within each session.

Prior to adding a resource to a quote or booking, ensure that it has been created in the Venue Setup area of iVvy.

To add a resource to a quote;

  1. Navigate to the Booking, and then the Session that you want to add the resource, and then click on the “Resources” tab.

  2. Click on the “Add Resource” button, and select the one you wish to reserve for this session from the “Resources” select box.
  3. Enter a quantity, and set whether the cost for this item is include in the package pricing or not.
  4. If not, set whether you wish to charge by the day or hourly rate for the item. Based on your selection, iVvy will display an estimated price, (from the settings area) which you will need to add to the “Price” field.

  5. Click Save, and your resource will now be displayed on your Contracts, Quotes, and BEO documentation.
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