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Adding a Menu to a Session

In iVvy, menus have to exist within a session. As a result you would typically separate each meal / tea into it’s own session, although you can add a menu to a session and indicate the time it is to be served within the session.

Prior to adding a menu, to a quote or a booking, you need to ensure that the menus have been added in the Venue setup area of iVvy.

To add a menu to a session;

  1. Navigate to the booking, and then the session that you want to add the menu, and then click on the “Food & Beverage” tab.
  2. Click on the “Add Menu” button, give the menu a name, and select the menu you wish to use.
  3. The total attendees, start time and end time will be auto-populated based on the settings for the session, but you can change these if required.
  4. If you select “Yes” for included in package, the price charged to the client will not change, if no, you can specify the price. Note that the estimated price will be displayed. It is based on the prices setup when the menu was created.

Once you have selected the menu you wish to use, you can now personalise the menu by clicking on the “Items” tab at the top of the dialog

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