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Creating your packages

Packages are used as a default frame work for pricing, agendas, catering and products/resources for bookings. Once they are added to a booking they can be individually tweaked for the booking needs is possible. If the package is also available on the marketplace, people are also available to book it (if you allow live bookings) or select a package they want on a RFP on and send the request through to you, saving you time collecting the information. 

Creating a package in iVvy Venues allows you to set a fixed price per person or use a flat rate and have a number of set inclusions attached to it. Inclusions could be:

  • A number of sessions
  • A variety of Food and Beverage
  • A specified Resource e.g. AV or Theming
  • A specified Products I: e Items that you don’t rent (e.g. flowers)
  • A collection of definite Set Up Requirements

To create a package with set inclusions

  1. Navigate to Venue Set Up > Packages.
  2. Select Add Package
  3. Assign the new Package an appropriate name such as Day Delegate Package.
  4. Set the minimum amount of people (pax) for this package to be available. (If you do not have a minimum amount of people just enter 0)
  5. Select if the package will be priced per person or a flat rate. For example $59.00 per person or $1500 for a wedding ceremony package.
  6. Enter the chosen price.
  7. Reduce Room Hire First: If you were to reduce price of the package, if you wish the price reduction amount to be deducted from the Room Hire cost automatically then set this to yes, otherwise if you want to decide on a booking by booking basis, select no and you will be required to manually change the "Cost Centre Allocation" at the time of the booking when you reduce the price. 
  8. Enter the breakdown of the package for each section as a $ figure. The "cost centre allocations" must equal the "Price" that you have set above. 

  9. Enter a Cost per Person if this is required.
  10. Exclude commissions: If this package is excluded from commissions payable to agents, then change the setting accordingly.
  11. Select Yes or No as to whether you want the package to have sessions.
  12. Select a Default Space for the package if required. This is the space the package will always be located in. For example, a Wedding Package will always be in the Chapel.
  13. If your package is a seasonal package or a short time only package, you may wish to add a start date and an end date from when the package can be used on a booking. 
  14. Set a start and end time for the package. This will auto-populate into your quote or booking to reduce data entry, although you can change this when you edit the booking or quote.
  15. Enter a description within small and large description boxes. The Small description will show within your Summary tab and the Large description will be used when marketing the package in the iVvy Marketplace.
  16. Select if the package will be Viewable On the Marketplace. If you select yes, enter the Marketplace Name that you wish to be shown on the Venue Marketplace.

    Adding Sessions To Your Package
  17. Return to the top of the window and click onto the Sessions tab. This will automatically save the package.
  18. Click on Add Session.
  19. Enter a Name for the session, e.g. Registration, Meeting, Arrival Tea and Coffee or Lunch. All of these details will then automatically pull through to your Banquet Event Order (plus other documents) as an agenda without the need to be retyped.
  20. Enter a Default Space such a Pre Function area if this session will always be located in that space.
  21. Enter a Layout for the space if required.
  22. Set the start and end time for the session.
  23. Select if the session will be allowed to be optional. If you select YES, the event organiser will be able to remove the session.

  24. Select whether the cost of the space is included in the package price, or whether there is a cost involved.
    If you select no the price is not included, follow the prompts to apply the cost or room hire to the package

    Adding Menus And Beverages to your Session within your Package
  25. Return to the top of the window and click onto the Food and Beverage tab. This will automatically save the set up so far.
  26. Click on Add Menu.
  27. Create a name such a Morning Tea and choose the menu associated with the session.
  28. Check the start and end time for the session.
  29. Select the menu items required. 
  30. Cost Included in Package: Select whether the menu items are included in the cost of the package, or whether there is an additional charge for the menu. 
  31. If required add a Beverage Package following the same process as adding a menu.

    Adding Resources to your Session within your Package
  32. Return to the top of the window and click onto the Resource tab. This will automatically save the set up so far.
  33. Select a resource by clicking on Add resource. This will be a resource always associated with this session.

    Adding Products to your Session within your Package
  34. Return to the top of the window and click onto the Product tab. This will automatically save the set up so far.
  35. Select a product by clicking on Add Product. This will be a product always associated with this session that you set up previously.

    Adding Setup Requirements to your Session within your Package
  36. Return to the top of the window and click onto the Set Up Requirements tab. This will automatically save the set up so far.
  37. Click on Add Set Up Requirement and enter a set up that is associated with this session such a notepad and pens
  38. Click on Save to save the entire session set up.
  39. Repeat all of the above steps for each of the sessions in the package until your package is completely entered into the system.

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