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Products are items that can be sold to your clients. Unlike resources, once they are given to a client, you don’t get them back to give to another client.

Creating a new Product

To create a new Product;

  1. Navigate to Venue Setup > AV & Theming > Products within the venue you wish to add the products for.

  2. Click on “Add Product” and give it a code name, short description, long description and image. These details can be visible to the client in quotes, contracts, and in the online marketplace.
  3. If this product applies to another cost centre, make the relevant selection. 
  4. Set the price, and the minimum and maximum purchase quantities.
  5. If you set “Is Viewable” to “No” it won’t be visible on the marketplace.
  6. Once you click the “Save” button, you will be able to upload images and documents that will be displayed with the item on the marketplace.

The resource will now be available to add to quotes, and contracts.

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