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Setting the Room Hire Plans for Function Spaces

Different room hire plans and rates can be set for your function spaces. These can be based on calendar periods for use such as peak and non-peak periods, or rates can be also set such as weekly and weekend rates as well. 

To add a room hire plan:

  1. Navigate to Venue Setup > Function Spaces > Room Hire Plans
  2. Select “Add Room Hire Plan”
  3. Select a code for your plan, for example “Peak” and give it an appropriate name.
  4. Select if you wish to use this as the default pricing structure and add in a description for internal purposes if necessary.
  5. Select which of the costs centres contribute to your minimum spend revenue
    Note: If the total of the selected cost centres do not add up to the minumum spend amount for your room, then the difference will be charged to the client upon booking. 
  6. Select “Assign Rates to this room hire plan” and select “Save”.
  7. Select the “Rates” tab across the top of the screen and select “Add Rate”
  8. Selecting a color will mark your Room hire plan calendar with this color to let you know this pricing is in effect during this time.
  9. Add in the dates where this pricing structure will be in effect, and tick the days it applies to.
  10. Select “Set the cost of function spaces in this rate” and select “Save”

  11. Once the page is saved a “Room Hire Rates” tab will appear across the top of the page. Select this to proceed.
  12. Edit the function space that you are applying the space to, and fill in the minimum (total minimum that the room can be hired at), hourly, half day, full day and night costs applicable for the space. Nominate whether the costs are per person and if there is an addition cost to add a layout to the meeting room.

  13. “Go back to the previous page” and “Save”.

Repeat the process a for each function space until all the pricing is set for this period. Navigate back to Venue Setup > Function Spaces > Room Hire Plans to add in other periods and hire plans accordingly. 

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