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Setting up your Venue Details

Adding in information about your venue makes it more appealing and informative in the marketplace to potential clients. Adding summarised details of the venue and what's available within the venue gives people an informed summary without giving them too much information initially.

Setting the organisation information.

The organisation section allows you to define the location, currencies and some default footer text/images for your invoices. This is also the place to define all of the appropriate sections of a booking that need to be filled in before a Banquet Event Order ('BEO')  can be created. (Please note within your organisation the 'BEO'  may also be know as; Function Sheet,  Run Sheet, Rider etc. )

To update your organisation information:

  1. Edit the venue that you wish to update the information in. 
  2. Navigate to Venue Setup > Venue Details > Organisation
  3. Fill in the business information fields, and select the correct currencies and timezones.
  4. Add a logo you wish to appear on the top of the invoices and any footer information that you wish to appear on your invoices.
  5. Select the appropriate tax and reminder settings.
  6. Click on the “Save” button. 

Setting the Property Information.

The property information will display on the marketplace and is what gives the potential client the summary of what the venue has available, where it is located, whether it is close to airports, how many meeting rooms, whether accommodation is also available etc. This provides the informative summary to the potential client so they know if its suitable or not before viewing further.

To update your property Information.

  1. Navigate to Venue Setup > Venue Details > Property
  2. Select the Property type that most suits your venue.
  3. Add in a website address, logo and description of your venue.
  4. Nominate whether you are offering function spaces, or if your venue is limited to just accommodation select no. If you offering function spaces fill in the necessary information. 
  5. If you are offering accommodation select yes, and fill in the relevant information. 
  6. Select the star rating, fill in the information regarding airports and nominate the options relevant to your venue.
  7. Click on the “Save” button.


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