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Accepting Payments offline

The term “Offline Gateway” refers to a payment option provided to clients where you want to offer them other payment options rather than just paying directly with a credit card.

Standard offline payment options contain payment options such as cheque, direct deposit and BPAY, or if you have the need you can even offer a offline credit card option where they provide you with the credit card number and you process it in office on your own machine.

When you activate these offline payment options, they will automatically appear on the bottom of the invoice for the client to see payment details to process payment. 

To setup offline payments;

  1. Navigate to Settings > Payments > Payment Gateways and click on the “Add Gateway” button.
  2. Choose “Offline” as the payment gateway,

  3. Give the gateway a name (in case you support a few gateways), and
  4. Select the methods that you would like your clients to use.
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