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Setting Up Your Account

Before you can start using your account you need to set it up. You can either pay a setup fee for our support team to help you with the setup process, or alternatively you can follow these instructions and setup the account by yourself.

If you are setting it up yourself, there are a number of areas that you need to complete before you can add any of your venues, including;

  • Creating your users, user policies, and user groups,
  • Setting up the way you want your contacts to be stored and organised in your database with custom fields, and subscription groups, and
  • Setting up the way your CRM will work with lead stages, Types, Probabilities, and Lead Sources,.

Once you have setup your general settings, you can then proceed to create each venue where you will setup;

  • Contract, BEO and Quote Templates,
  • Function space, pricing and layout possibilities,
  • Packages if you have package (per person) pricing, and
  • AV and Theming options.
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