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Creating Tasks In Your Venue

You can add tasks in your venue without specifically navigating to a lead or booking when necessary. 
Within the tasks area of your venue, you can add a task and if applicable assign it to the relevant lead. 

To add a task:

  1. Navigate to: Sales > Tasks  and click on "Add Task"
  2. If the task is relevant to a specific lead you can select it from the drop down lead box. 
  3. Fill in the rest of the task fields and assign it to the relevant team member if you are ready to assign it, and "save". 
To turn on email notifications for tasks:
Email notifications can be configured for a user to receive an email whenever a task is assigned to them. Each user will need to configure the setting themselves seperately on whether they wish to receive email notifications of tasks. 
Configuring emails for tasks:
  1. Navigate to Global Settings Cog > Details > My Details
  2. Change the setting "Receive Email Tasks" to "yes"
  3. Click Save

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