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Adding Tasks to an Event

Using the Tasks tool is a great way of keeping track of any tasks related to your event, and assigning them to particular users.

In the events section
Edit the event that you wish to add tasks for

  1. Navigate to Project Management 
  2. Go to the Tasks tab.
  3. Click Add Task.
  4. Give the task a Description.
  5. Include a Start Date and a Due Date for the completion of the task.
  6. Set the task’s Priority.
  7. Next to Assigned To use the drop down box and either choose Specific User if you want a specific user to do the task, or User Group if you want a user group to finish the task.Do not confuse your Users with your Contacts. If you cannot find the User you want, you need to add them by following the steps in OLD - Adding a User. Choose which Specific User or User Group to do the task.
  8. Choose the Event the Task is for.
  9. Click Save.

When the page refreshes, the new task will appear in the table. When a user works on this task, it is their responsibility to update the status and details of this task by clicking on Edit next to the task and making any necessary changes.


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