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Adding Reviewers

Before you can begin reviewing your Abstract Submissions, you must add reviewers to your events.

In the events section

Edit the event that you wish to add reviewers for:

  1. Click on the abstracts tab so it drops down

  2. Click Add Reviewer and select Add New. (If you want to reuse a reviewer from a past event, you can select Add Existing.)  

  3. Fill in the Form.

Username: the name the reviewer will use to login.

Password: The strength of the password will be indicated by the coloured bar underneath, red indicating a weak password and green indicating a strong one.

Group: Add your reviewer to a user group that you have previously created in the Group field. (User Groups are not to be confused with Subscription Groups. To learn how to create and manage Subscription Groups by viewing the tutorial.)

Click Save.

Send the login details to the reviewer. They will need this begin reviewing abstract submissions

You can edit your reviewers at any time by clicking on Edit next to the reviewers' name.

Note: When a reviewer logs in to your event, they cannot see anything other than the Abstracts tab. This includes any details on your contacts lists, email campaigns, event details, or scores given to the abstract by other reviewers. To test this, create a fake reviewer and login using that account.

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