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Abstract Custom Scoring Options

Abstracts may need to be scored in different circumstances of 1 - 5 scoring. In some circumstances, certain criteria may also need different scoring options to others as well. If custom scores are needed for abstracts the instructions below can be followed. 

In the global section of the account:


  1. Click on Events in your global menu
  2. Click on Abstract Scores

  3. Click on Add Score

  4. Type in a name that you be relevant to your scoring.

    For example: "1-10" may be a good name for the following scenario. 

    1 = Worst
    2 = Not Good
    3 = Not Too Bad
    4 = Moderate
    5 = Better
    6 = Medium Better
    7 = Good
    8 = Great
    9 = Best
    10 = Best of All 
  5. Click Save
  6. Once the value has been saved as a name, click the edit button of the value that was just created. 
  7. Click on scores
  8. Click add item

  9. A value needs to be set for each item in the scoring system. 
    So add the first value in the above scenario would be 1, the description is the value of the number, such as "worst"
    Go through and enter each of the values 1 to 10 with the associated description.


Applying the Score once it has been created

Once the custom scoring options have been added, they need to be applied to a request.
Each criteria within a request can be given different scoring options depending their weight. Alternatively weights can also be applied when setting up criteria with in a call for abstracts. 
To do this:

In the events section:

Edit the event that the call for abstracts is in:

  1. Go to abstracts requests

  2. Edit the abstract (or add an abstract if this hasn't been completed yet - Requesting an Abstract

  3. Scroll down to the scoring criteria
  4. Edit the scoring criteria that needs the custom score applied. 
  5. If the weight of the criteria needs to be increased, so it is worth twice the weight as the other criterias when calculating total scores for example, then this can be done with the score multiplier. 
  6. Click on the set and drop it down to select the value that has been created above (e.g. 1-10)

  7. This will need to be done for each criteria that needs the custom score applies to. 
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