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Enabling Abstracts for your Event

Before you can Request an Abstract for your event, you must enable Abstracts in your event‘s settings.

Enabling all features of an event is done through the advanced tab

In the events section:

Edit the event that you are requesting an abstract for:

  1. Go to the advanced settings:

  2. And select abstracts yes

To Enable Abstracts:

  1. Go to the advanced settings section "Event Dashboard" => "Event Setup" => "Advanced Details"

  2. On the form, ensure that Include Abstracts is set to ”Yes“.
  3. If you wish to automatically add the contact details of those who submit abstracts to a Subscription group, click on Add Group and give the group a name and select its public status and colour, or choose an existing group from the drop down menu.
  4. Choose whether or not the authors can view comments about their abstract.
  5. Click Save.

You will now see "Abstracts" appear in the Event Details box, and you can begin requesting abstracts.

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