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Exporting Lists as a .csv File

When using the iVvy system, you may find that you wan't to export some of your data as a .csv file. These files are very useful if you need to transfer large amounts of information, like contact lists or registrations lists, to a different program, or if you want to print this information out. In the iVvy system, wherever you see a list (contacts, registrations, attendees, invoices) you will be able to export the information as a .csv file. 

To Export Data as a .csv file:

  1. Navigate to the list who's content you're wanting to export. (registrations for example, or attendees or sessions)
  2. Click on the "export Data" in the top right hand corner of the list.
  3. Select which content you want to export by clicking on ticking the relevant boxes. 
  4. Click Save.

Your browser will most likely give you the option to either save or open the file in the program you have allocated to open .csv files with.

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