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Voting on an Idea

The voting system in the Ideas Box helps us determine what updates we should consider making to the iVvy system. Of course, ideas with lots of "Thumbs Up" votes will be considered of higher value than ideas with few votes or a large number of "Thumbs Down" votes.

To vote on an idea:

  1. Click on Ideas Box.
  2. Click on more in the idea description to read the complete idea.
  3. You can leave comments by typing your text into the Comment field. Please treat these comments like you would any online forum by being polite, helpful and useful.
  4. Select Go back to the previous page.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To make your vote, click on theeither of the Thumb icons. Choose the red "Thumbs Down" when you disagree with the idea, or choose the red "Thumbs Up" when you support the idea. If you are neutral, it is best you don't vote either way so that we can gain an accurate picture of what our clients want from the system.
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