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Adding a Floorplan to a Quote or Booking

Once you have a floorplan created for your space, the next step would be to apply it to a quote or booking. Follow the instructions below to add it to a quote or booking.

Please note: If you have no sessions with a space that has a floorplan available, you will not be able to add one in the quote or booking until you set one up under venue setup.

To add a floorplan to a quote or booking:

  1. Edit the respective quote or booking
  2. Ensure you have a session that includes a space that has a floorplan available
  3. Click the Floorplans Tab and select add floor plan. You will be offered a list of availabe floorplans to choose from.
  4. Choose the plan and click Save

Now, every floor plan might be different. We have added a template floorplan up until this point. A basic layout of your area that you can set up, however the client might want something different. iVvy has factored this in, and by adding this template to the quote or booking, you can now modify it for this specific booking. Any changes made to this floorplan while in a quote or booking, are specific to that booking and will not modify your floor plan template. Simply click the Edit button next to the floorplan you wish to modify once it has been added to your quote or booking and you will be presented with the same screen you saw earlier.

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