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Copying Information Inside or Between a Venue

There are going to be some situations where you will want to add a menu or beverage package that is very similar to an existing one, but with only a small change. There are other times when you might be setting up a new venue and want to copy some existing information across to the new venue from the existing setup.

We have functionality in place that makes this easy. The ability to copy certain pieces of information into different venues, as well as in the same venue makes this task easy. See below for an example as to how to copy a Menu Item.

Please note that the functionality to copy this information across venues extends to:

  • Beverage Packages
  • Menus
  • Menu items
  • Beverage Items
  • Resources
  • Products

To copy these across to another venue:

  1. Navigate to: Venue Setup > Food & Beverage and then select Food > Menu Items
  2. The the food or beverage item(s) that you wish to copy and click the copy button.
  3. You will now be provided a popup that asks you which venue you wish to copy this item into. Tick the venue and click save.
  4. Note: If you copy into your current venue, it will name it with a (copy) at the end. If you copy into the other venue, it will name it the exactly the same.
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