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Creating Cost Centre Groups for your Venues

Setting up a cost centre group allows a user to select a group of cost centres, and add a column with consolidated amount for the total figures for those groups in the venue reporting. As these cost centres are “global” they will universally apply to all (if you have more than one) venues.
This becomes very useful if a user has created sub cost centres of say food, so you can report on the individual cost centres, but a total of all the food cost centres combined, for a given venue. 

To set up a Cost centre group:

  1. Navigate to: Global Settings > General > Cost Centres
  2. Click on the Cost Centre Groups Tab
  3. Click Add Group
  4. Give the group a descriptive name
  5. Tick the cost centres you are grouping
  6. Click Save



Now when you go into your venues reporting, in the reports that allow you to report on cost centres, in the set columns feature, your cost centre group will appear with a total figure of all the cost centres you chose to add in that group.

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