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Contact Descriptions

When adding contacts to a booking, you may wish to define the contact type, such as a Bride or Groom, or Event Organiser. This is easily done by adding in a default list of contact descriptions that you can select for your contacts as you are adding them in the system. 

If you do not wish to use an optional description when adding a contact booking, thats fine, the system will by default just name them as a “Booking Contact”.

To add in Default Contact Descriptions:

  1. Navigate to: Venue Setup
  2. Contact Descriptions
  3. Click “Add Description”
  4. Type in a contact description, such as “Bride” or “Groom” or whatever description suits your purpose.
  5. Click Save


Additionally, you can add a new description through the booking if you have forgotten to do it in the Default section beforehand.
When adding a contact to a booking, where it asks you to select a description, there is also an “Add” button to add a new description. Any description you add here will also be saved to your default list for future use. 

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