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Creating Email Templates for your Venue

Email Templates allow you to create a predefined email(s) that can be sent with your documents to your client. You can have multiple email templates for different uses, for example, such as an email template to accompany quotes, and one to accompany contracts.

To add email templates to your venue:

  1. Navigate to: Venue Setup > Templates > Email Templates
  2. Click “Add Email Template”
  3. Name: Give the template a descriptive name that your staff will recognize to select when you email a document.
  4. Email Content: Insert your template here.
  5. Placeholder: You can a placeholder to where you want the link for your document to insert. To do this click on the  image and insert the placeholder. If you do not do this, then the link to the document will automatically appear at the bottom of the email. 
  6. Note: The Email content does not include merge fields such as first name or last name, so you will need to add any relevant fields at the time of sending the email.



To use an email template when emailing a document

  1. Navigate to the relevant lead or booking
  2. Navigate to the Documents Tab
  3. Tick the document you are emailing and click “Email”
  4. The email template box will pop up, select the template created in the above steps from the drop down.
  5. Your template will pop up, you can add any relevant text and then click send. 


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