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Adding a Quote via the function diary.

Once you have navigated the function diary to the date and room of the enquired about function, and checked the availability of the function space, you can add a quote through the function diary by using the following process

  1. Click the “Add” Button to the right of the date selector
  2. Select "Quote"
  3. A new quote page will pop up.
  4. Reference Code: Leave the reference code as is, or select one of your choosing. Please note: You cannot have duplicate reference codes for quotes in your system.
  5. Purchase Order#: Add in a purchase order number if applicable
  6. Event Name: Give the quotation an event name.
  7. Event Type: Select the type of event that the quotation is for
  8. Contact Type: Select the contact type and fill in the relevant details
  9. Start / End Dates: Give the quote a start and end date
  10. Dates are Flexible: Select the relevant response
  11. Accommodation Required: Select the relevant response
  12. Food and Beverage Paid By: Nominate whether the master, or quests are paying for food and beverage
  13. Has Packages: If you need to add packages to this quote, then select yes
  14. Booking Commissionable: If the business has been referred to you by a third party that receives commissions, then select yes.
  15. Create Lead: Depending on your global settings on whether you must have a lead associated with a quotation, you make make your selection accordingly.


A quotation has now been created. You can go through and add packages / items and then create the relevant quotation documents to send to the client. For more information about creating quotation documents you can view the knowledgebase article “Printing a Quote or Contract” 

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