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Availability Rules

RFP rules allow you to set the criteria for “preventing” live bookings. These may be when an event is further out than a certain amount of days, or the value of the event is more than a set value.
To add in RFP Rules for your marketplace

  1. Navigate to Venue Setup > Marketplace
  2. Click on the “Availability Rules” tab
  3. Click “Add Rule”
  4. Give the Rule a Name and a description and nominate whether it is default (only one rule can be default)
  5. Click on the Availability tab
  6. Alick “Add” to set an availability for a date period
  7. Add in Start Date and End date that these rules apply to
  8. Select how the venue will be available for this time period:
    1. Not Available: No enquiries can be made
    2. RFP Only: Enquiries can be made but not live bookings
    3. RFP Rules: The venue will be available for live bookings providing it doesn’t fit into one of the exclusion rules.
  9. Click on the RFP Rules Tab
  10. You will note a list of lead types that you can set up your rules to “Prevent Live Bookings”
  11. Fill in the information only for lead types that you wish to prevent live bookings for.
  12. When filling in the fields remember its
    1. When it is less than _____ days to the event from when the booking is placed OR
    2. Or when it is more than ______ days to the event from when the booking is placed OR
    3. Or when the estimated value of the booking is more than $_________
      Note: If a enquiry falls into "ANY" one of these criteria it will be prevented from offering a live booking.
  13. Click Save

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