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Lead Allocation Rules

These rules how to allocate leads when a RFP is submitted through the marketplace and website widget. For example different event types may be allocated to a different sales manager, or a lead may be allocated to the general manager based on the price range.

To add in lead allocation rules for your venue:

  1. Navigate to Venue Setup > Marketplace
  2. Click on the “Lead Allocation Rules” Tab.
  3. Select “Add Rule”
  4. Select what Lead Type your Rule applies to.
  5. Select the criteria on which to assign the lead:
    1. Based on the value of the lead - E.g. Lead value up to: $5000
      1. Input "Lead Value From" and "Lead Valu To" amounts. 
    2. Based on % of the budget - e.g. Lead Value up To: 10% of the budget
      1. Input "Lead Value From" and "Lead Valu To" amounts. 
    3. Apply to all leads - e.g. Auto assign all lead types to a particular salesperson.
  6. Notify Additional Emails: If you wish to alert people by email that this rule has been triggered, then you can change this option to “Yes” and type in the emails to notify, separating them with a , for multiple email recipients.
  7. Click Save and Repeat if necessary for different lead types or rules. e.g. you may wish to set up a rule for different price brackets to go to different sales staff. 

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