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Marketplace Booking Rules: What does it do?

The iVvy Marketplace Rules are the settings that allows you to control whether an event organiser needs to submit a RFP (Request for Proposal) or if they can be offered the option of making a live booking.

For example: You may wish to allow live bookings for small functions worth less than $5000 if the function space is available, however for larger enquiries such as $50,000 or more that the client will have to submit a RFP so that an event coordinator needs to contact them to provide a relevant quotation.

Note however, if a live booking is offered the client is in no way obligated to make the booking, they can still submit a RFP and speak to a sales manager about their enquiry.

Marketplace Rules consists of 4 sets of rules:

  • Forecast Lead Values: You can add in the average revenue value per attendee per day for a type of lead from the marketplace. This is used to determine the expected value of the lead for lead allocation rules and pipeline reporting.
  • Lead Allocation Rules: These rules how to allocate leads when a RFP is submitted through the marketplace and website widget. For example different event types may be allocated to a different sales manager, or a lead may be allocated to the general manager based on the price range..
  • Space Allocation Rules: Not all function spaces in the venue may be available for instant bookings, so the space allocation rules lets you determine which spaces can be automatically booked, and which food and beverage options are available in each space.
  • RFP Rules: RFP rules allow you to set the criteria for “preventing” live bookings. These may be when an event is further out than a certain amount of days, or the value of the event is more than a set value. 
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