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Copying Sessions in a Booking

Once you have sessions in a booking, you have the need to copy a session, whether you want to duplicate it to the second day of the booking, or copy it and make some minor changes.

When you copy a session it will also copy any food and beverage packages, resources, products, notes and setup requirements across to the new session as well. You need to be aware that if there are any changes needed for these, you will need to manually change them in the new session that is created from the copy.

To copy a session within a booking:

  1. Navigate to the relevant booking and edit
  2. Click on the sessions tab of the booking
  3. Tick the relevant session and click the copy button
  4. You will be asked which day to copy the session to. For bookings that are only one day you will only have one choice, otherwise select the relevant day the session is being copied to.
  5. If you wish the session to be at a different start time to the original, you can adjust it by so many minutes. Note: You can also edit the session after it’s copied and change the times and duration of the session also.
  6. If you wish the session to be held at another venue for the booking, you can change the venue and select the room and space that it will be in at the new venue.
  7. Click save.
  8. You will now see the copied session that you can now edit and make relevant changes to.

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