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Creating Notes in a Booking

Booking notes are a way to add comments or notes about a particular booking. You can have default notes that appear on all bookings, and also add manual notes that you can create specific to that booking as well. You can also nominate whether you want these notes to be private, or whether they need to appear on your BEO (Public).

Creating default notes that appear on all of your bookings:
Default Notes allows you to create a template that can be inserted into your bookings as a note, without having to type them out each time. You can also tell the system that a note type is mandatory before a BEO can be created within bookings. E.g. A BEO cannot be created unless a signatory note with the signatory information is added to the booking. 

  1. Navigate to : Venue Setup > Default Booking Notes
  2. Click "Add Default Note" and select the category you wish to create a note for. 
  3. Insert a template description that can be used for your bookings. 
  4. Select “Is Required” as yes. This means that the category type must have a note against the booking before a BEO can be created. 
  5. Select whether it applies to all days, or any day.
  6. Save


Using notes in a booking.

  1. Navigate to the relevant booking and edit it
  2. Select the “Notes”tab
  3. Click "Add Item". 
    1. If you wish to use a default note template click "Add Default Note" else click "Add New"
    2. If you select new, type in the description as needed. 
  4. If you do not wish the note to appear on the BEO, then change “Is Private” to Yes.
  5. Applies to: Depending on where you wish the note to appear on your BEO, you need to select where it applies to.
    For example:
    If you wish to put a note on a particular menu item, when you select the menu cost centre a drop down will appear, you can select which menu it applies to so that it groups the note description in the FOOD section of the BEO with that menu.
    Note: Some cost centres such as Billing instructions can only be added to the “Additional Items” section of your BEO. 
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