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Adding a Booking Via the Function Diary

Adding a Booking Via the Function Diary

  1. Navigate to Booking - Function Diary – Add
  2. Select Booking and you will then be taken through to the Booking Screen.
  3. Enter the Event Name.
  4. Select the Status of the booking.
  5. Select the Contact Type.
  6. Select the Event Type if required.
  7. Enter the Event Start Date.
  8. Enter the Event End Date.
  9. Select whether you would like to include Accommodation.
  10. If you select Yes, select whether you would like to have Accommodation Blocks.
  11. Select how many rooms are complimentary within the block.
  12. Specify the maximum amount of Complimentary Rooms in the block.
  13. Specify Arrival and Departure Date.
  14. Specify if dates are flexible.
  15. Specify if the Food & Beverage is Paid by Master Account or Guests.
  16. Specify if the event will have Packages.
  17. Enter the billing address of the client if required.
  18. Specify if the Booking is Commissionable
  19. If you select Yes. Enter the Agent and the amount in terms of % or Room Hire, Food & Beverage, Audio Visual and Accommodation.
  20. Click on Return to this booking and press Save.     

Note: If you enter the booking without an initial quote a lead and consequent BCC email will not be created.


The following details should now be added to the booking where known.

  • Packages
  • Sessions
  • Food & Beverage
  • Resources
  • Products
  • Notes
  • Set Up Requirements
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