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Changing The Status of a Booking

The software system allows the tentative booking to be changed to a confirmed booking with ease.

To change the status of a booking:

  1. Navigate to Bookings > Bookings
  2. Select the booking you wish to change
  3. Click on Change Status
  4. Select the status you wish to change to such as Confirmed
  5. Press Save

The booking is status is now changed.

You can also access the booking through the function diary. Locate the status button on the preliminary page and change the status.

Do not get the status of a booking confused with the status of a lead. The two are linked to each other, however they are still separate and the reporting reflects on this: 

A lead status will show whether the business is won or lost. If the business is "won", the lead will be marked as won and closed, then a booking will be created from the lead information.
If the booking is cancelled after this time, then you will be promped to also update the status of the linked lead back to lost, or regretted, or which ever suits the nature of the cancellation.
If  is finalised and completed, then the lead will stay at its original status that you changed it to which is "won" 

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