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Refunding and Cancelling a Paid Registration

If you wish to cancel a paid registration, then the invoice needs to be resolved first. This will make sure that the invoicing reconcilliation report is correct at the end of your event.
The easiest way to cancel a registration is to cancel all the items on the invoice, refund the invoice and then cancel the registration.

  1. Navigate to Manage Registrations > Delegate Registrations
  2. Edit the registration in question
  3. Click on the statement tab
  4. Edit the line item that has the description “invoice”
  5. Click on the items tab
  6. Select all of the items (you can do this by selecting the tick box in the top dark grey bar at the top of the table, it will auto select all items at once), and click the “Credit” button.
  7. Click back on the “invoice details” tab, and select “Go to the event registration” at the bottom of the screen and click save. Navigate back to the statement tab. At this point you will notice you have a credit note. 
  8. If you are charging a cancellation fee continue below, else skip to step 9.
    1. To charge a cancellation fee, you will need to add an invoice for the fee.
    2. So we click “add invoice”
    3. Give the invoice a relevant “Title” (if necessary) and confirm the business details
    4. Click “Add items to this invoice” at the bottom of the screen and click “Save”
    5. Click on the “Items” tab
    6. Click “Add Item” add in a description such as “Cancellation Fee”, a quantity which in this case will be 1, the total amount INC gst, and the amount of tax in the fee.
    7. Click “Save”
    8. Click back on the “Invoice Details” tab, select “Go back to the previous page” at the bottom of the page, and click save.
    9. Navigate back to the statement tab, and you will now notice you have both a credit note, and a invoice for the amount of the cancellation fee.
    10. Click on the line that has the “type” of “credit note” select the option “Apply Credit” on the toolbar, and select your cancellation invoice from the drop down.
    11. Now the credit note should have the initial credit amount minus the cancellation fee remaining to be refunded to the delegate.
  9. Click on the item line that has a “type” of “Credit Note” and click the “Refund” button on the toolbar. This will create a refund and balance the registration to $0.

  10. Once this is done, navigate back to Manage Registrations > Delegate Registrations
  11. Search for the registration and click “Change Status” and click “Cancelled”.

The registration is now cancelled and your invoicing report will now show the correct dollar figures. 

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