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Setting default spaces for packages

When adding a package, you will note that that you are prompted to add spaces to the package in different locations, such as the package itself, the individual sessions, and then when you are adding the package to a quote or booking.


The function spaces working on an inheritance method. To reduce the amount of work that you need to do, you may or may not set default spaces within packages and the sessions of a package.

Why and when would you set a default room on a package?

  • For packages that will “always” occur in the same function space, then you would set a default function space so that the package will be allocated and block out that space when the package is added to a booking.
  • For packages that are available to different rooms that you will not know which room it will be in until the client makes the booking, then you would not set a default space.

Why and when would you set a default space on an individual session?

  • For a session that will always be in the function space that the main booking is in, you would “not” set a space, so that it inherits the function space from the default package setting. For example:
    • Package default: Boardroom
    • Morning Session: Not set
      -> When a booking is created then the morning session will be allocated to the board room by inheritance.
  • For a session that will always be in the same function space, then you would set a default function space for that session.
    • Package default: Boardroom
    • Lunch: Restaurant
      -> Lunch will remain in the restaurant, as it has its own permanent space set for it. 

To create a default space for a package:

  1. Navigate to Venue Set Up > Packages.
  2. Select Add Package
  3. Assign the new Package an appropriate name such as Day Delegate Package.
  4. Set the minimum amount of people (pax) for this package to be available. (If you do not have a minimum amount of people just enter 0)
  5. Select if the package will be priced per person or a flat rate. For example $59.00 per person or $1500 for a wedding ceremony package.
  6. Enter the chosen price.
  7. Enter the breakdown of the package for each section as a %. If you do not wish to allocate a percentage to each different revenue stream just enter 0. These amounts will appear in your financial reports.
  8. Enter a Cost per Person if this is required.
  9. Exclude commissions: If this package is excluded from commissions payable to agents, then change the setting accordingly.
  10. Select Yes or No as to whether you want the package to have sessions.
  11. Select a Default Space for the package if required. This is the space the package will always be located in.

    A Wedding Package will always be in the Chapel.
    A Premium Day Delegate Package will always be in the Norfolk Room.

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